wordpress how to

Find out how you can use wordpress to your advantage, did you know that more than 80 percent of wordpress users understand little about how it actually works.

learning how to use wordpress, and how to get your blog moving in the right direction is about work, there is no easy solution.

Did you know that most wordpress users do not know much about how to use the software that they are trying to use, in fact most do not know that is it programmed using PHP

What does it take to create content, well you do need to be able to type, yes, that’s obvious, but more importantly you need to know how to communicate, that is one of the most forgotten skills these days.

Creating content using plugins, is really not hard at all in fact we created this post in just a few min time and you can do the same thing.

If you can type then you can run your own wordpress website and that is why it is so, popular.

Word press is all about ease of use, you can use editing windows, widgets, and plugins to make your  job a lot easier…

If you want to know how to use wordpress to create a great blog then keep reading because we have some great tips and plugins, that you can get your hands on today.

We are producing a series of videos that will help you learn how to post and create content that will make your website stand out in a crowd, when there are millions and millions of websites out there you have to do something different otherwise you are just like all the others out there.

If you are not willing to learn then your website is not going to change it will just sit there, in fact this one guy told me that is what he always did, just put up the website and let it sit he never did anything to it, just let it sit there, he said and I quote ” I am terrified that google will sandbox my site” Now that is just crazy, yes, it can happen, and when it does it is really bad, I predict that eventually someone will sue google and win, call it prejudicial treatment of minority websites, it is possible…

Dont laugh…