How I update my website faster than you do..

One reason is just plain human, I am Lazy…

Using the right tools can make all the difference just as using the wrong tools can really hurt your online website efforts.  Many webmasters try to take the short cut instead of finding the right way to do the job.

Why the volume model is better but harder to develop. 

Volume can make you money online, however, how do you manage a lot of websites when it can take hours out of your day to update just a handful of websites.

Blogging can be fun but it can also be hard, it is not always easy to deliver fresh content day after day however, it is possible to update your existing content and improve your website and its articles.

Developing a website is all about keeping that website fresh and full of good content, do that and you will never fail to get great traffic.

We found that when you have several websites that updating your content takes a lot of time and effort, some of that effort was just wasted time, we noticed that there was an additional webpage load, that was taking place, and we thought why are we sitting here waiting for a page to load that we do not need.

The answer to that helped us create a new plugin, it is not the best plugin in the world but it helps us update many websites.

That is the key to keeping up to date and generating great content day after day.

have a look at this video to see the plugin in action.

why install wordpress manually

Update, it is been reported that “certain” Internet Gurus are still

recommending that people use an auto installer, or root level automatic script installer to install wordpress this is

a horrible idea and should never, ever be done…

Why take the time to install wordpress manually?

Simple it is Safer, more secure and just a good practice to be able to manage your wordpress installation in a better more friendly manner.

Manually installed wordpress websites as less likely to be hacked.

One of the many reasons why you should always install wordpress manually is that using an automated script is never a good idea.

  1. You loose control of the process of installation.
  2. You do not know what the automated script is doing in the background.
  3. Automation users default install condition and leaves a trail that people can follow.
  4. It leaves your wordpress installation open to attack and corruption by hackers.

I have seen many people try to defend these automated installation solutions but after all the logic of the arguments concerning the four reasons above cannot be argued with.

Simply put, when you look at the above reasons, there is no defense for using an automated script to install wordpress.


One final reason and this one is the most important of all these reasons.

When Fantastico and other automatic scripted installers are used they operate at a level above that of the ordinary user they have to do this in order to have enough permissions to install and create folders, for example lets say your website is being installed under /public_html/wordpress this is fine as long as you are the user that is installing the website.

However if fantastico is used then it exists as /root/script/username/public_html/wordpress  Now this usually is not a problem but sometimes you may run into a situation where you have to make some changes to a folder or to write to a directory such as with say a custom plugin, well in some cases if you have used fantastico guess what happens you cannot make some changes because your not the owner of those directories, (root/script/ is the owner) so this is the most important reason why everyone should be installing wordpress manually it only takes a short while to learn it and just like riding a bicycle after a while you get good at it and you never forget it.

Think about converting over to a manual install it could be the best few minutes you ever spend learning a skill.

Subscription to content…

Creating content has just become 1000 percent more profitable.


If you have been watching how the internet has been developing over the last few years you know that every year, around the first two months of the year, new technology is revealed that usually causes a buzz.

Everything is about to change and if you are not aware of that change you may be left behind.

Life is about change yet most people do not want to change, after all it is difficult to change.

Most change is forced upon us because we get too comfortable in living life as it is.

So Why is Subscription content dying a languishing death?

This is a question that many a Guru would like to understand better, if they did they would likely design their products differently, however, the problem exists in such magnitude that it is impossible to deny.

Subscriptions to content always fails in the long run.

Why is it that membership websites fail?

One of the most important things you can do for your website is to develop content, and update that content on a regular basis.

This is a big subject more so with the recent huge launch and apparent (alleged) failure of said launch.

The art of subscription retention is a difficult thing, in fact in many ways it is an impossible option to maintain.

Retention is one of the most difficult aspects of just about any large business or corporate network.

It is the art of maintaining a force in a constant direction.

The idea here is a simple one, this is your basic physics problem, as proved by most physicists, perpetual motion is a myth.

It simply does not exist, you can help it along, perhaps even add some magnetic fields to improve your dynamics, but in the end motion is contingent on a sustained path and force driving that path, and the subscription model, for web services simply has failed, even Amazon will tell you that much just have a look at the forums and you will see what we say.

So, is there a way, well in a word No, there is no way, but you can merely extend the time that the subscription lasts.

Eventually what goes up must come down.

It is as simple as that the law of Internet Gravity, says that what goes up must come down, that is why this latest and greatest Guru Launch of good ol unkie Andy will fail, for the very obvious reason that it is a revenue based on the wrong model, any MB, will tell you that you cannot base your main revenue stream on selling to the wholesale market.

Sadly, this is no different than any of the other incarnations of the past that have also failed.

One of the reasons why is that we are human, this is something that cannot be avoided, however,

we can guard against this type of behavior.

Google gone too far?

Has google gone too far in its push for better higher quality search results?

That may well be the case, of course I do believe some changes were called for however some of the changes seem to be a bit over the top.

For example I wanted to look up a product on using Google, I could have used bing, or some other search engine, there are a lot of them.

But you know how it is you just reach for the tool that is best and easiest to use, usually that is google.

However, things have changed, used to be if you just put in a few keywords you could easily find what you were looking for, sure there were a lot of unrelated search results, but hey as long as I could find what I was looking for without really getting frustrated or without using up too much of my own time in the process I am happy to take the easiest pathway to where I want to get to.

The thing is that I could not remember the name of this product, there was some block going on in my head and I just could not remember it I remembered the first name of the CEO, but not the website address, I remembered what the product was but not the name of the product.

So I ran over to my trusted friend Mr. or Ms. Google, depending on your preferred viewpoint and I ran a search using what I could remember of the product, and the name of the CEO,

(Nothing related to the product I was searching for)

Ok, back up and try again…

I tried to search for the general product category, then the name of the CEO, nothing. . .

Ok, now I am getting a little irritated and ready to look somewhere else.

I try for a third time and come up empty, now I am starting to wonder what is going on because I know this is a popular product and should not be that hard to discover using google.

But Now that I am getting frustrated with the user experience now I am starting to feel like the changes google made may not be putting me first, and I am the only reason that Google should be concerned with, (right) well ok probably not, but without people searching google for products they want to buy how long before the stock price of Goog starts to go down.

What I finally had to do was to go on my hard drive and find an email where I had communicated with the CEO and then I was able to get the product name, yes, I know but when you deal with hundreds of CEOs and thousands of products eventually you are bound to forget some details.

Still the issue remains, if consumers cannot find what they are looking for on Google, how long before the high stock prices that they have enjoyed for the past five years start to falter?

I understand the need to combat grey and black hat techniques but not at the expense of the consumer, that is just not a smart way to do business.   So here is hoping that google does the right thing here and develops a better way to present the best search results without interrupting the consumer experience.