Methods of True Success

 What is Success, if you really want it you will first need to understand what
that word means to you…

Being successful is not as simple as you might think, when in high school or even college, we tend to think that if we become wealthy or run a company or design a popular product, that is being successful but there are so many different ways to be successful and some of them do not even involve money at all.How to be successful in life.

Creative Success what is it and how can you develop it for your own reality?

Success is more about doing than talking about doing, anyone can talk about how successful they are but that does not mean that they are truly successful.

Developing the best method for your websites success is often about planning ahead and it is about considering the content and the value of that content to the reader.

When you consider the probability, that you can create success out of thin air, you have to seriously understand that this is not reality. What really happens, in most cases is that what you see presented in online advertising ads is not what you really get.

The definition of the word Method, a way of doing something, especially a systematic way; implies an orderly logical arrangement (usually in steps)

When you think of it, in every situation where a business has been successful, there is always one or more methods that a business employs in its daily operations.

Behind every success story you will find a method, from being on time every time to staying determined in every aspect of your daily regimen, it can really be just that easy, take for instance, in 1974 there were only 16 of the now famous, subway sandwiches, franchises.    They devised a method in order to achieve success, that method became the root growth factor of one of the most successful mid level profit centers in the last 20 years.

They made a decision, to pursue a method of business that proved successful.

Why our method works where others fail, it is always about the method.

It is always about what you know and how you are prepared to work to get what you want.

If you only knew what you could do to develop and gain traffic to your wordpress websites.

Every successful, business has a method even if it is just in how they make french fries, like Mcdonalds, tasty fries.

If you were going to find a better job and move to a larger city so you could provide for your family would you just up and move one day or would you plan on your move, put in applications for a job, sell your home and look for another to rent or buy, sure anyone would right?

The funny thing is that for the most part, people who are attempting to sell something online do not have experience running a business.

Learn about the method that even Successful Internet Marketers do not even know about.

Knowing this is a bold statement, it is not hard to back it up, with the facts.

So called Guru, Marketers are too selfish to learn this method because it requires human Passion and Compassion which sadly they do not possess.

We know this about the Gurus because all they want is to separate you from your money.

We know this about them because if they really wanted you to succeed, they would not try to sell you something that will not work in a millions years, they know it wont work but they still sell you the dream of making millions online.

They are the Dream Merchants.

They have no real life of their own, they have no real product besides the dream, the truth is that without work you will not succeed, sure you can sell your soul like the gurus and end up a miserable wretch, living in a foreign nation where you cannot be extradited.

This is the dream, now learn about the method that you can use to develop real success in your marketing.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to forget about the dream that you have been sold.

It does not exist, it is a lie, it is a myth, but that is not the end of the story, no it is merely the beginning.

Perhaps you remember the old paint by numbers drawings, where you followed the steps by the numbers and often you could produce a result that would look nice, perhaps not the best in the world but nice.

Everything thing in life revolves around a method, from the time we are old enough to walk we are learning methods, at first we started out slowly but as we grew up we started to learn how to do thins faster and better.

It is all about the Method…

Did you know that in every thing we do there is a pattern, some call it the study of life, others might call it a type of analytics, but all in all no matter what you do it produces a pattern.

Every pattern can be successful or it could be not so successful.

We have developed a successful method of blogging and SEO blogging, it took months to develop this and we wanted to test it out over and over again so we knew for sure that we could provide our clients with a successful experience in using our products.

In fact, if you follow the “method we provide you with” you will see success, how much success depends on how closely you follow the “method”

How you do what you do, it is a series of decisions that culminate into an event, these events can be predicted if you evaluate them over time.

Do you have a method and more importantly do you follow that method.

The number one mistake made by almost all new bloggers and some older ones too is they do not update their blogs.

This is a huge issue for the beginning blogger as well as just about all blogger’s they just either forget or do not take time to do it, even though it really only takes a little time to do it.

So what is the “Method”

Simply put it is a series of actions that result in a series of reactions.

Taken in its most simple form, Einstein was right every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

If you update your content then you have increased the quality of your website, the more you update and improve your website the more traffic and visitors you will receive.

Simple, yet so few actually follow this practice.

One of the reasons that people fail to spend enough time updating content is that it just takes a long time to do it, for example, when you first start blogging, you will notice that every time you update a post, you end up back at the original post, which means that you have to manually click on posts to get back to the main listing of all posts.

That takes up time, the system is good, but it is just not geared toward someone who wants to update and run.

Then when you want to update a post you have to manually set the date and time of that post.

manually setting the day and time of a post is work

Every time you update a post, you have to manually set the time and day and if your wrong on the time of day your post disappears.

Gone, it makes the spiders mad…

Updating the date is something you want to do because If you do not, then the search engines may not realize that you changed the post, because for the most part spiders, (search engine robots,) look first at the day and time of a post to determine if that post is new or old.

So if you look at it from a spiders point of view why bother with a post if its old.


Web Design Mistakes

 What do you think about designing websites.

Sometimes simple is better…

Do you think that a poorly functional website design can kill your business?

The truth may be Yes Yes it can

bad designs, equals money lost…

It means that you may end up with an ugly website, and even worse, it might not attract any traffic at all, because believe it or not, I have seen some truly ugly websites that actually worked well to attract traffic, but There are plenty of mistakes in the world of web design. Let’s have a look at what some of the top design mistakes that people make every day.

This is the number one biggest mistake that so many people make, it will kill you with the search engines.

1. Too Much Advertising
When you’re trying to make money from your website, it’s all too easy to overwhelm your site with ads. Put yourself in your user’s place and take a good hard look at your site and ask yourself if the ads feel intrusive.

Does the site look like an information source or does it feel more like a page-holder for the ads?

These days, if you advertise your website takes two steps backward.

2. Plugin usage.
You have to keep plugin useage to a maximum of 1 type per page. If you’ve got Flash, then you can’t have a media player, or if you’re using Java, then no Flash. It’s not as bad to use the same plugin twice, however.

So what happens if you over use plug ins, again your rating goes down..

3. Flash in websites.
Please, don’t use a Flash intro on your website. They have been so overused that they’re becoming universally mocked.

4. Unclear Layout and Navigation.
Many websites, especially business sites, suffer from some kind of disease where the very simplest task takes 10 steps. If users are asking you how to do things on your site, then you need to improve your layout and navigation. If there are certain tasks people want to do frequently, put them on the front page.

5. External links, too many…
There are 2 kinds of links: internal (to other parts of your website) and external (to other websites). For the benefit of your users, it’s best if you mark external links, either by making them a different color or using some kind of a symbol (a box with an arrow is the usual one). It’s also good to make the external links open in new windows, so people aren’t leaving your site altogether when they click them.

6. Linking errors.
Some web pages are designed to show links only when people put their mouse over them. While this might make the design look nicer, it is not very user friendly. Instead, use a clearly contrasting color for links, and preferably underline them. This makes them more visible to the user, thus more user friendly.

7.  Email Links.
Always clearly mark a link that will send email (a mailto link) with the word ‘email’. If you turn clicking a name into send email, you’ll annoy users who expected to find out more about the person.

8. Broken Links.
You should check your links regularly to make sure that they all still work. There’s nothing worse than finding a site that looks useful, only to find that it hasn’t been updated in years, so most of the links don’t work. While a website does mostly run itself after a while, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect essential maintenance.

9. Strange Fonts.
Stick to the most common web fonts: that’s pretty much just Arial, Georgia, Tahoma and Verdana. If you use more obscure fonts, then most users won’t have them — and those that do will find your text hard to read. The only place for non-standard fonts is in your logo or headings, and then only if they are displayed as an image.

10. Badly-sized Text.
It’s important to keep your text around the standard size. Making text too big or too small makes it hard to read and annoying for many users. The best thing you can do is use relative text sizing (not pixels) that allows the browser to respect the user’s preferred text size. You should also consider offering buttons on your site to decrease or increase the font size.


Adsense Class Action Against Google?

Have you been ripped off, (allegedly)

by Google?


Has Google Taken your money…

Article Writing

When you consider the idea of developing content for your website what is the first thing that you think about?

What you can learn about writing for the internet?

Is it different than writing for a magazine?

Is it different than writing for a comic book?

The answer is yes and yes but it may not be for the reasons you think…

Writing for the web and beyond.

It used to be that publishing an article was something only done at a local newspaper, where you might see a story about a snow storm or a sports game, however, things have changed, the topics that writers have to write about are endless.

Do you write articles for a living?

Writing and blogging, blogging and writing, research, writing more, reading more, does this sound like you?

Writing articles, commonly called article marketing, has long been touted, as some kind of magic bullet, for marketing ideas and products.

However, how effective it may or may not be is debatable in fact just last week I came across a series that advertised the secret to article marketing, the fact is that article marketing is as article marketing does, make sense?

Probably not.

This is the topic, and how it relates to operating and publishing content on your own website.

The general idea for article marketing is to write keyword specific articles, which attracts readers (hopefully interested in buying something)

Which you conveniently have supplied links to affiliate products which you would receive a commission if you manage to attract enough people interested in buying and most importantly interested in buying right then, because most affiliate programs have moved to this time limit thing which sort of reduces the amount of commissions you can get.

So, the question remains, is Article Marketing profitable?

The answer is yes, it is profitable, but it remains unclear to whom receives the most profit, the writer, the affiliate or the platform where the article is published.

The answer may be a little of both, so lets examine the profit potential here.

  • The Product owner is setup to be win the most here because they have the product.
  • The publisher gets the traffic and perhaps some advertising money plus they usually get a little on the back end.
  • The writer is last in this examination, and usually puts in a lot of work to produce the article.

    So all in all just who is setup to be the most profitable?

In a nut shell, the product owner, is the one that wins here in this scenario, however, not everyone is cut out to be a product owner, and more importantly not every one is able to create a product.

Product creators are people who can think creatively and consistently product both content and products that are in demand and are in essense, are the movers and shakers of the internet Marketing universe.

Consider, starting at the bottom and making your way to the top, that way you know the business from the bottom to the top and back again.

Plugins that save you time

How much time do you spend every day, week, month, working online?

Add it up and see how many hours you have in a day and a week and a month.

Time is it something that we all have the same amount of, 24 hours, in every day.

Getting the most out of your time, well that is something you can control because we all have the same amount of time in a day right?

There are several plugins that are designed to make your working day easier, if your a full time blogger you should be using them on a regular basis as out of the box wordpress is not really time sensitive or sensitive to its users need to save time at all.

With the exception of the new menu feature, which minimizes your admin menu which by the way will slow down your blogging experience, as much as 5000 ms, multiply that by the number of page loads say average is 25 and your up into several min ever day.

Imagine you had that time back for an entire year.

Now you can see the power of how using a plugin in a certain way can help you not only save time but also money.

No matter how lazy you are and trust me we are really lazy around here, you can always use an extra few min in a days time, and that is what using smart plugins is all about, saving a few seconds here saving a few seconds there adds up to an hour before you know it.

That is what saving your time is all about.

posting and bloging how to get it done faster

Do you find it hard to post and blog?

How do you keep up with the demand for content?

Why is it so important?

There are literally millions and millions of blogs out there, twenty or thirty for every person on the face of the planet.

One of the most asked questions we hear from people who want to break into blogging and overcome the learning curve is how do I get traffic to my blog?

The problem is that they do not realize that the question is the problem.

Now, how do you know when your asking the wrong questions?

When the answer is too complicated and too difficult to understand.

So often people fail to understand why they need to have more than a webpage on someone elses website.

If you are business oriented then you know a little about what this is all about.

If you were going to open a business and went to the bank to get a loan to get started, and you asked the loan officer how to run your business do you think they would give you a loan?

The answer to that question is no no no.

Talk about having a party of no, this is what happens every single time you go to a bank and ask for money.

So what do you want to do and how do you want to do it?