Sticky Adz plugin

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This great wordpress plugin will help you develop better advertising using a scrolling “sticky Frame”

Sticky Adz is more than just a method of advertising it is a concept, that correctly used can increase your clicks and revenue.  Advertising is not just a lot of flashy banners or links created to get someone to click something but it is something more than just the “in your face methods” that many have tried to use in the past.

The truth is that most of the time, these methods do not work to produce sustainable revenue.

Advertising is about producing revenue for the advertiser, if Google does not correct this issue then in the very near future the stock values for Google will take a serious tumble into the abyss.

In fact any company that does not provide real world value to an advertiser is eventually going to find that they are no longer the most popular or the most powerful force in search engines mastery, this over confidence in business development can result in a loss of revenue, simply because without a strong consumer base any business will suffer.

This is what sticky Adz is all about, developing the right kind of advertising for the website.

This concept advertising is how you can increase your websites revenue.

Providing the right type of advertising is what your job as a web master or website owner is all about.

Imagine what might happen if you were say a big company and you advertised that you could provide a certain ROI and what ended up happening was that you could not in fact provide that level of ROI, how long do you think it would take before those advertisers would stop advertising on your website?

Not long at all, that is where Google will find itself and in fact any website might find itself if they do not make some serious changes in 2012.

This may be the year that you notice a huge difference in how you do business.

How I update my website faster than you do..

One reason is just plain human, I am Lazy…

Using the right tools can make all the difference just as using the wrong tools can really hurt your online website efforts.  Many webmasters try to take the short cut instead of finding the right way to do the job.

Why the volume model is better but harder to develop. 

Volume can make you money online, however, how do you manage a lot of websites when it can take hours out of your day to update just a handful of websites.

Blogging can be fun but it can also be hard, it is not always easy to deliver fresh content day after day however, it is possible to update your existing content and improve your website and its articles.

Developing a website is all about keeping that website fresh and full of good content, do that and you will never fail to get great traffic.

We found that when you have several websites that updating your content takes a lot of time and effort, some of that effort was just wasted time, we noticed that there was an additional webpage load, that was taking place, and we thought why are we sitting here waiting for a page to load that we do not need.

The answer to that helped us create a new plugin, it is not the best plugin in the world but it helps us update many websites.

That is the key to keeping up to date and generating great content day after day.

have a look at this video to see the plugin in action.


Developing content is the primary job of the webmaster and content just became even more important after the google panda update and it is about to be even more important very soon now.

Developing content that you can use to enhance your website traffic.

When your creating content it should be valuable to the reader and it should be friendly to the search engines.

Are you doing all you can to develop your PLR material?

private label rights.

There are so many products out there these days. You see them everywhere, but do you really know what your getting?

Thousands of Articles, but so little time.

Do you have lots of PLR products just sitting around on your hard drive?

Have you ever bought PLR before and later realized that it was just not what you hoped it would be?

Private label rights Articles are a busy webmasters best friend, because writing is a time consuming process, PLR is one method of saving time, however, it is a hit and miss proposition, sometimes you get good stuff more often you do not get good stuff.  The main reason for this unequal but factual truth is that it is difficult to read through a lot of material when your evaluating content for a potential purchase.  Since there are different levels of education, spelling, language and punctuation can often be viewed differently.

For a non English speaker, an average article with poor written English might actually appear to be much better than the same article would appear to someone who has a college education.

It is this difference that causes a great dissidence, between what is considered good quality and what is considered average quality.

Unrestricted PLR is the best PLR period, however over the last few months there has been a growing trend in marketing to restrict the rights of users to make use of PLR material this is not only illegal but terribly unfair.  Visit for more great information about PLR and how to make it work for your website or business.

PLR comes in many different forms, from software to articles even an entire business model can be sold as PLR.

For more great PLR ideas, check

Blogging and posting online

Developing website content on multiple wordpress websites.

Do you run multiple websites?

Do you publish to multiple publishing platforms every day?

Multiple WordPress websites are more than just a dream they are a reality for many writers and publishers.

This creates a real challenge for the word-press enthusiast.

Imagine for a moment that you are an internet publisher and you have to post every day on a website or else you don’t get paid.

Would you be able to get that job done on time?

I want you to think about that because some times things come up and you just do not have the time needed to get it done.