Kajabi dead in the water?

So now that we have passed the milestone mark for the valuation and the venue for Kajabi, has anyone noticed a huge influx of millionaires?

You see all these big time product launches that claim to be able to produce millionaires but most often fail to provide even half of the promised benefits of ownership.

Why is it that no one ever seems to go back and examine the hype and claims of these Super Gurus that come out from what ever hole they hide in every once in a while with a super millionaire maker product that every on must buy so they can be rich too,

(slight exaggeration, but probably and allegedly accurate)


I find it mildly amusing to watch these Super Heroes, come out and jump over tall buildings, then crash and burn, in a heap of burning server parts and flaky software that frankly never lives up to the hype it is marketed, (allegedly)

After yet another big time Guru Garbage, product launch, we are now post launch and as usual there is little or no real information on how successfull jabi is or is not.

Well folks, the news has hit the bricks and Jabi, just did not hold up, too bad so sad, they just did not make the kind of money they wanted, allegedly, but still they managed to sign up a few hundred, allegedly, not the thousands they allegedly claimed to have signed up but allegedly only a few hundred, money down the toilet, money up in smoke, where is cheech and chong when you need them.

Dont you just hate those Jedi mind tricks, well apparently and allegedly ol unkie, andie, is at it again with yet another, massively, expensive, products launches, where sheeple are skinned alive.

Jabi, continues to struggle allegedly barely treading water, amazing stuff here folks, finally the sheeple may be getting a head for all this hype stuff.

Update, the first signs that they might be desperate have surfaced, they claim that thousands have signed up but they still send out an email inviting more people, which means allegedly only one thing, they might be lying.

Could Ol, couszin, Andy have made a huge error in estimating the market?

This could be one of the worst thought out, Guru launches I have ever seen, total stupidity.

Allegedly, because for some reason, which apparently only “they know” sometimes the old saying “pride comes before a fall”

Well in this case I must confess that it appears accurate.

Ok, perhaps you have heard of the latest and greatest Guru Launch or not.

As many of you are by now aware, there is a new product launch, that is allegedly way over hyped, or perhaps it is just enthusiasm.

Either way, I wanted to have a look at the sales process, mostly because it is of interest how these programs work to enslave the buyer, opps sorry that was a bad word, perhaps I should say, the methods they use to enhance the buyers interest.

As an Expert in Marketing, and I do mean that, I am old school, back in the days, of trade shows, and cold calling, business customers, this was back in the 1980s yes, before all these so called marketing Gurus were still in high school picking their noses in biology class.

Yes, I am one of those Old guys, from the days of Yore.

This is a very similure product to several “shopping cart solutions” but this has at times past been marketed, with some success, at least for those that were collecting the money.

The problem with all these (high priced) marketing opportunities, is that they rely on several things that the product does not provide you the paying customer.

Traffic, Product and the actual framework for success.

Yes, the product is impressive, or at least the video is, who knows for sure, but you really do have to do more than to just build it and they will come, actually they will not come.

People are way too concerned with the need to actually feed their families, this is part of what the big time famous Gurus have forgotton, greed can no longer be counted on for a sales pitch, and that is what most Gurus have done over the last two years, is rely on greed to sell a product.

I do not recommend this alleged product, simply because it is filled with eye candy and little if any real content, yes, the video is impressive but look beyond the hype and the eye candy for a moment, look at what this actually is.

An Amalgamation, of everything a good marketer already has in stock.

Yes, it is an alleged rehash, but in a different way, yes it could be good but it is allegedly, not good, because of the price point.

Now, make no mistake, if a man will not tell you what the price is, there is only one reason, it is because allegeldy he is ashamed to tell it.

Have you ever been driving up and down the road, and see a classic car for sale, but there was no price displayed, most of the time you just do not stop because you know that the price is going to be so high that you cannot possibly afford it.

If they wanted to really sell the car they would put a price on it.

This is true of anything, if you want to really sell a thing, you have to price it, otherwise people will not take the time to stop what they are doing and take the time to ask you what you want.

Here is a for instance, there were two cars for sale less than one mile apart on the same road, both were trucks, both the same color, one had a price tag of $900.00 the other had just a for sale sign on it,

Guess which truck sold first.

You bet the one with the price listed, because people saw it and knew it to be a great value, they stopped, and looked, that is what you need to do these days in order to get a sale, you have to get the price point right.

If you fail in this regard you could have millions of people as your affiliate but you will not be successful, simply because you have failed in one of the most important sales tenats, and that is to not waste the customers time.

The customers time is just as valuable as your time is, in some cases it is more valuable than yours is simply because they often will not give you a second chance.

So all this smoke and mirror, marketing Guru Gargabe, is not impressive to me it is a Failure, They failed, and this project will be a failure as well.

Simply because there are already too many of these “shopping cart” scripts and products, out there, remember stomper net, ( how is that working out for you guys? )

Oh, yes, they will have lots of press, in the IM world, but sadly in the end, it will be just like most of these Guru Garbage Dreams, the producer will make some money and there will be a few success stories, (fact or fiction) who knows for sure, one thing is clear, this is not for the average marketer, at all. If you have an established, Brick and Mortar store, and you have a “LOT of experience” then this may be a good option, but for say an average, of 90 percent of the “average Joe marketer” this is not that.

But if you prepared to dump thousands of dollars into an expensive and unproven product, where they are afriad to even publish the price before a certain “date” then go right ahead, as for me and my house we will save out money.

Sadly I cannot recommend this product, and I will not be providing any links to it, you can easily google it, or chances are you have at least ten or so emails in your mail box by now and already there are tons of Adsense ads out there promising all kinds of bonus, options, the best bonus in your life if you buy this alleged, over priced over alleged, hyped, product, but in reality, this is already available out there at a cheaper price, yes, you heard it right, you can get all this stuff for less money than you will pay for this Guru Garbage, what you are buying is the convenience of having it under one roof.

The Sad thing here is that they just dont seem to Get, us average Marketers, were the ones that make the IM world go round, not the few and the proud, but the average Joe marketers, these are the real customers, hopefully and eventually we will see that fact reflected in both the price and the actual sales strategies, in the future, until that time enjoy those long and boring videos that the Guru Garbage company has made for you.

WordPress getting started

One of the most important things you can do for your peace of mind and your business is to correctly install wordpress from the beginning.

What if you got bad advice about building a home on a poor foundation, that would be bad, the same might be said of creating an installation of wordpress on a bad foundation.

Manual installation is the only way to install wordpress that will help you develop your website in the best way possible.

Lately there have been a fair few so called Gurus, out there that are giving out some very bad advice.

They are people who claim to be experts yet they know little or nothing about L.A.M.P


I find this not only a diss-service to their customers but an offense to the profession of programming and logic.

The truth is that unless you are the one who is actually installing your wordpress installation and not an automated scripting agent, you are going to have some kind of problem in the future including getting hacked.

I see people all the time telling the same story, help I got hacked, the first thing I ask them is did you manually install this software, and they always say no I used the automated installing script.

There are a number of good reasons why this is not a good idea and


It does take a little time to learn how to do it and you may have a little difficulty but the more you do it the easier it will become.

You can learn more about how to correctly install wordpress to reduce your risk in getting hacked by visiting


In many ways, life is filled with surprises but when it comes to wordpress it really does not have to be that way at all.

Learning how to install wordpress manually really is the best thing you can do for your sanity.




original content

The Value of Content just went up…

Developing real content for the new era in Search engine results.

What you may not know about SEO and Google could be killing your website.

This website exists to help communicate the importance of developing original content that will attract organic website traffic.

It is a method of writing, blogging, posting, that has been developed by experienced writers to help you get the most out of your content.

Over the last six months we have been focusing on a method of writing that would produce good results over time.

It does require work, however, it can be done and there are tools to help you develop that content faster and with more precision than you might think. Google issued a challenge to website owners, that challenge is to create more original content and less low value content, which means a little more work on you part, however, you can do this if you really want to develop good content it is not that difficult.

One of the big challenges facing the wordpress website builder and owner is the idea that you can get a free lunch.

There is no free lunch, that is why so many that try to get ahead in google fail to continue to achieve success online.

These are what we call short cuts or tricks that tend to work for a very short time, however many so called, SEO gurus use this to trick people into buying a particular product or service with the promise that they will achieve great SEO results.

Sadly this is far from the truth.

In one of the most heart breaking examples was a fantastic website that still get huge amounts of traffic, from many different search engines.
Except Google, we hired an unknown SEO agent to do some work, for us and over time we paid a sum of money for the work they did and the result was frankly horrible, we were de-indexed by google.  We asked them what we could do to fix the issue and never received a reply, we tried everything we could do to try and get it right, but still no result, that website is still de-indexed at google yet we receive over one million hits per month from many other search engines online we provide good clean content all original.

So in effect we are being punished for a mistake someone else made while working for us.

Apparently there is no reprieve even when they claim that you can submit for reconsideration, it has not resulted in any meaningful communication between us and google, on this one website, we have no idea why they have not indexed this website it is a great website, full of exceptional content, so be careful who you choose to do work for you because apparently google does not forgive nor do they communicate with anyone for any reason.





Traffic how to get more traffic

SEO plugins for your wordpress websites.

How can you develop more traffic using a plugin?

What you should be thinking about when you plan your website.

What is the same thing about every offer you have ever seen before?

I mean every time its the same, but the Great and Mighty Gurus do not seem to even understand or do they?

It is dependent on your getting traffic to your website, now ask yourself this how many of these big name gurus have bothered to tell you this?

When thinking about all the things that go into a website,

what is the most important thing?

  • Is it the the design of the website?
  • What about the host where you have your website hosted?
  • Could it be the navigation of the website?

How to create better content using a method of publishing.

The truth is that it is none of those things and while those items are important to a pleasing website.

The truth is that those things make no difference at all.

The truth is if you do not have Traffic, then none of those things matter.

Traffic is the life blood of a website, yet so very often, that aspect of online training courses is “left out”

Forgotten?  No, not at all they know it, these so called, often self professed Gurus, forget to tell you that it is always about the traffic, even the traffic gurus, forget to pass on the real truth about generating traffic.

It takes money, did you think that these gurus, generate lists of thousands of buyers, without spending money?

That is the biggest, Guru Lie, that is told on a Daily basis, they tell you about how much money you can make, they tell you about how great the product is, but they just fail to tell you the one thing that makes it all happen.

That is people, simple, right, so why do they leave it out?

The simple truth is that most people cannot afford to buy traffic at the rate that the Gurus do.

You do not have the clout to make the big guru deals like they can so they don’t teach it.

The simple truth about Online marketing these days is that most of these so called Gurus are just Snake Oil salesmen.

They are Dream Merchants.

People that sell the dream over and over again, with few success stories, and even fewer actual real life financial success stories to show for each of their big guru product launches, otherwise they would show them off, even publishers clearing house gets a picture with the person holding a giant check, when was the last time you saw a Guru do that?

Never, because they sell dreams not reality.

The reality is that without traffic, real qualified, traffic, you know the type where a visitor comes and visits your website, just like they would if they came to your door as a friend and knocked on the door.

You might be thinking that this guy does not like Gurus, well that would be a yes, mostly because I have been around for a while now, “this taint my first rodeo”, yes, I have been taken advantage of probably just like you have, approaching the gates of Gold, with a smile just knowing that you will soon be successful, because you wanted to believe in the dream, you wanted to find the place where all the dreams come true.

That place does exist, but it is not easy to find the path to it.

The same way that traffic is important, the website is also important if you have a dull lifeless design, you may get some traffic but eventually they will tire of the same old same old, and stop coming, and then your dream will die a slow and painful death.

Now before you leave, I want you to get one thing, and since you are still reading this then you have invested some time that is good, because that means that you have been through the Guru Gauntlet, and survived, you are beginning to see through all the Guru lies, sadly it is very difficult for most people to get to this place because they want to believe the guru promises, so badly that they fail to see what is right in front of their faces.

The very real fact that this business requires work.

Yes, I said it the W word, work, work work, there I said it three times now, it requires work, perhaps even perspiration.  If you mouth is hanging open right now close it, before a fly gets in there, (just kidding) but you know what I mean here, the idea that you have to work is a foreign one for most people.

What?  You mean that I have to work?

The money will not just appear in my bank account as if by magic, while I sleep?

Well, ask yourself this, how many Guru products have you purchased?

…. Think of the theme song of Jeopardy playing in the background….

Now I want you to think about how many of those promises you have seen broken….

Every single one, why, because they show you one thing but fail to provide the real deal.

You can sell a dream no problem but in order to make that dream into a reality you have to really work.

Here is another thing, you may have to work really hard to make that dream pay off.

Here is the central truth here, unless you are prepared to work you may as well just give up.

Yes, save your money, because you can do better saving your money in the bank than depending on a Guru product promise, because it is snake oil, it is thin air, it is false promises.

Traffic is what makes it all possible, and yes you do have to have a nice website, and a good host, and a good product, but to make it all work, you need traffic, without traffic none of it works and it never will.

Have a look around, take a look at the videos, see what you can see because this is where the real deal is at, and it is not easy, to get, but it can be found and you can succeed, you may not and you should not expect to get rich over night, but it can happen, if you are prepared to put the sweat and blood, of work into what you do.

Just remember that the next time you see a Guru, offering Riches and Wealth and that sports car in the drive way of that fancy house, just remember that most of the time they live in their mothers basement…

Reality is often not the place you hope to wake up in but it is the only place that is real.

Just remember traffic is the one thing you cannot do without.

Getting your traffic moving in the right direction takes time and effort, you can do it.

New plugin boosts AdSense income

Get this plugin while the price is low

because it will more than pay for

itself if you just follow the directions.

Should you use Adsense or is there a better method of monetizing

In some cases it might be better to not use adsense, however, in other cases it is fine.

finding that thin line and walking it is like a tightrope entertainer.

Here is a great way to quickly and easily boost your AdSense income,

It isn’t some fancy new system full of false promises…

It makes use of common sense and controlled situations to find out what works best on YOUR website for YOUR audience and not someone else’s.

Within minutes you can be up and running…

Find out how Troy from Plyplema Design doubled his AdSense income as easy as going from red to blue.

You have to judge for yourself, too much can be a bad thing.

Some have said that google may actually and allegedly, penalize you if you do…

Advertising, in a website, for the most part is viewed as a negative, by the public.

WordPress  is a great blogging system, it can maximize your efforts using plugins andsoftware and you can make money from Google Adsense

you’ll need to install and use a couple of Adsense “plugins”

But before you get too excited about earning money from Adsense, there are some considerations you may want to be aware of.

In some ways ad sense is very sensitive to new blogs, as well they want to get the most out of clicks for their customers, if you try to cut corners, or if you try to game them they will fix it for you and you will not like it, so stay away from the short cuts, like some of the Gurus talk about, and play by the rules, and you may find that your profits will add up in the long run.

Now back to your regularly scheduled, programming.

Some of the plugins can be found by doing a search on Google, and installation is simple and straightforward.

All you need to do is upload the plugin to your web host using an FTP, and activate the plugin inside your WordPress administration area.

1) Adsense Deluxe WordPress Plugin

I have tried this one out and it is one of the better ones, I have also tried out just about every other one out there, some are better than others, but so far I have not found any of them that are perfect.  So keep that in mind, when your working out which plugin is the best to get your blog working that Adsense magic.

There is a balance, that you need to maintain, too much and your blog will suffer, if a visitor comes to your website and all they see are advertisements, they will not want to return and you need repeat visitors in order to really make a difference.

In many ways, unless your website is over 60 days old it is not the best time to be using ad sense.

(see the bit earlier in this article)

You can do ok, with Adsense, but you really want a well aged, website, at least, 60 days.