Auto Blogging Failure

Why is this important?

because if you do not learn the lesson that Google wants to teach you the cycle begins over and over again and you will end up back here trying to figure out how you can beat the system, when all you have to do is make that adjustment and succeed where others fail, just imagine if you were to take all that energy that you waste on trying to game the google system and you applied that energy to a worthy cause.

Penguin proves that Auto Blogging is a failure, not only is it a failure but it is not obsolete.


Sometimes being Lazy is not a good thing, and yes, you really do have to be lazy to understand this.

If your mad or offended, then chances are you like me, your lazy…

Sorry, that’s life, but you know what you do not have to be lazy, you can change that into a positive action.

So, why are we talking about being lazy, sure thats, cool lets talk…

Auto Blogging, is a lazy way to do things, sadly its also very outdated…

Its lazy and guess what Google knows it too…

Are you still trying to find a way to make automation pay off like they told you when you first purchased an auto-blogging product.


Getting the most out of your automation techniques, why do people want auto blogs spewing spam all over the internet?

So You’ve decided to automate your web site.

Now what?
Perhaps you have purchased software that claimed to allow you to create “set it and forget it” websites that make money while you sleep. A bit of programming is going to be necessary if you want to automate a site. There are many types of programs that can be used to automate a web site including JavaScript, PHP, Perl, ASP, Java and more. So, which do you use? For many, it is a personal choice.

I prefer PHP for programming. PHP is a particularly useful programming language because it allows for advanced programming and is easy to integrate with web pages. Another plus of PHP is that the language interfaces very well with MySQL, a popular type of online database.

Yet another plus of PHP is that it is Open Source Code. The actual code that is PHP is available to the public for free, while the source code for products such as ASP are not. Because PHP is open source, there is a large community of PHP programmers that help each other with code. This means PHP programmers can rely on each other by using reusable pieces of code called functions and classes rather than constantly reinventing the wheel. This can dramatically cut down on production time.

Overall, PHP is flexible, cheaper than many alternatives, and built around a community. PHP and MySQL are excellent choice for webmasters looking to automate their web sites.

What Can PHP and MySQL do for me? Just about anything you can think of. That is the beauty of custom programming. A few ideas of what you can do with a PHP and MySQL driven site include:

1. E-commerce

2. User Polls

3. Keyword Tracking

4. Set User Preferences

5. Manage Password Protected Member’s Areas

6. Lead Follow Up

7. Customer Relations

8. Content Management

9. Email Newsletters

10. Accounting

11. Invoicing

12. Scheduled Updates

The list is limited only by your imagination. Once you have decided to go with a PHP and MySQL site, you can either get a custom program created, use a prepackaged version or a combination of both. Many PHP and MySQL programs that come prepackaged are easy to customize and can save you a lot of time and money over starting from the ground up.

Video Advertising

Video is becoming one of the most popular methods of effective communication online.

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What you may not know about advertising using video could hurt your business.

800 Million people view videos every day…

If you are not using Video to reach your customers you are way behind the game.

New plugin boosts AdSense income

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itself if you just follow the directions.

Should you use Adsense or is there a better method of monetizing

In some cases it might be better to not use adsense, however, in other cases it is fine.

finding that thin line and walking it is like a tightrope entertainer.

Here is a great way to quickly and easily boost your AdSense income,

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You have to judge for yourself, too much can be a bad thing.

Some have said that google may actually and allegedly, penalize you if you do…

Advertising, in a website, for the most part is viewed as a negative, by the public.

WordPress  is a great blogging system, it can maximize your efforts using plugins andsoftware and you can make money from Google Adsense

you’ll need to install and use a couple of Adsense “plugins”

But before you get too excited about earning money from Adsense, there are some considerations you may want to be aware of.

In some ways ad sense is very sensitive to new blogs, as well they want to get the most out of clicks for their customers, if you try to cut corners, or if you try to game them they will fix it for you and you will not like it, so stay away from the short cuts, like some of the Gurus talk about, and play by the rules, and you may find that your profits will add up in the long run.

Now back to your regularly scheduled, programming.

Some of the plugins can be found by doing a search on Google, and installation is simple and straightforward.

All you need to do is upload the plugin to your web host using an FTP, and activate the plugin inside your WordPress administration area.

1) Adsense Deluxe WordPress Plugin

I have tried this one out and it is one of the better ones, I have also tried out just about every other one out there, some are better than others, but so far I have not found any of them that are perfect.  So keep that in mind, when your working out which plugin is the best to get your blog working that Adsense magic.

There is a balance, that you need to maintain, too much and your blog will suffer, if a visitor comes to your website and all they see are advertisements, they will not want to return and you need repeat visitors in order to really make a difference.

In many ways, unless your website is over 60 days old it is not the best time to be using ad sense.

(see the bit earlier in this article)

You can do ok, with Adsense, but you really want a well aged, website, at least, 60 days.