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What is the most important thing you can do for your website before you start to create content?


Developing content is what it is all about…

You may have heard the now old saying that content is king, and it was, true, but that was then this is now, the fact is that now fresh content updated daily is king and old stale content is well not desirable at all.

Do you know how to recycle…

Green Plugins….

Coming soon to a wordpress plugin near you, the ability to save something that is more precious than gold.

Are you ready to go green…   Because we are going to tell you something about your wordpress website or blog that you may not realize is true.

In many way’s green blogging is all about saving space, it is the essence of recycling…

If you really want to recycle, the old useless posts on your blog then recycling is the only way to go.

Go Green…

The only Green plug in on the market for word-press plug-ins and it will save electrons from the virtual scrap heap.

Freeing your word press website from unused electrons one kilobits at a time…

This is a Brave new world and every electron counts, folks, reduce your blogs footprint…

Get your green plugin here and recycle, today…  Remember a used dusty electron is doing no one any good.

  1. Recycle, your used electrons, in the from of text posts?
  2. Are you a green blogger?
  3. Can this be for real, yes, it can and you can discover the missing link in your blogging efforts.

Is that crazy or what? In a word no, its not and it is exactly what it sounds like, taking your blog back from the cyber dust bunnies of your website, recycling your posts.

Take your blog and Go Green.

Sure why not, recycle, go green, its the popular thing and with reposting you can do just that,

don’t let your used electronic text posts go to waste.

Imagine how you would feel if you have a secret weapon that would help you in any website, niche…

What would you do with it, keep it hidden or share it?

Get ready, we are almost ready to release the first version of wordpress repost and it is going to be a limited edition release…

The Repost plugin will be sold only on the Warrior Forum, for a limited time, so when it starts, you should be ready.

Limited release of our new plugin, will be a WSO on the warrior forum, coming soon, if you want to be notified then let us know about it, by using the contact form…

If you are not paying attention you will miss a very important piece of information…

Caution, you are about to be introduced to a new plugin that is so simple you will wonder how you ever went without it.

Using tools to create content can be challenging, the best method of creating real content is to do it by typing on your keyboard, I know that may sound sarcastic, but it is really the only way you can really create useful content.

If you want website visitors and search engine traffic to your website then you should read this…

In order to get your website indexed by the search engines, you need content…

Blog owners, all want popular traffic, yet it seems almost impossible, unless you get inside information.

I have spent hours, visiting with wordpress experts, and I have learned many great tips about using this fantastic CMS.

My Secrets plus Your desire to succeed, will create a huge opportunity for you.

WordPress repost…

It is a plugin that will help you, operate your wordpress blog, it will help you get your content into the search engines.

It will help you do more work in less time, you can create twice as many posts, in the same time as it used to take to post the same number of posts, working smart is what it is all about, you can spend all day trying to post to your blog, but why, when you can use plugins to do the work for you…  But wait you still have to do work right?  Well yes, sorry there really is no free lunch…

But working smart is just one way to help you on your road to success.

The only way to really get your website noticed, is to post content regularly and not just one time a day but on a regular basis, every day, that is the only real way to get your website noticed.

I discovered that search engines want to see fresh content on a regular basis, like several time a day they want to see content that is up to date, and not just any old content they want to see content that their customers want to see, that is the best way to look at what SEO actually is.

Most people do not really understand what SEO is, some people think it is a game to see if you can trick the search engines into giving you traffic but that is not it all all, the real undiscovered, truth is that the search engines want to give their customers reasons to continue coming back to the search engine for more and more content.

If you are interested in this plugin and would like to be the first to purchase it, (at a really great price)

Then let us know by using the contact us link

Reposting what is it?

Posting is all about what you can do and how you can do it, it is about updating content and editing that content so that it is improved.

There is a method to blogging and posting, and it is not easy but it is something you can do every day and that is what running a website is all about.

Making the most of your resources, recycle, and yes it is something you can do over and over again.

Creating content that rocks your blog into better search engine rankings.

You could say it is a form of going Green for blogger’s.

Do you pollute…

We can show you how to recycle, reuse and reduce.

Did you know that you can reuse old posts?

Are you a polluter of the internet?

You can do it, reposting and recycling, while it may sound like composting actually it is the opposite, it is simply the best way to keep your blog or website active on the internet, and with the search engines.

You can turn your blog into a green blog by recycling electrons…

Do you want to green up your blog,

wordpress plugins

Did you know that your blog can be green…

We wanted to make our contribution to the green movement, by making us of old digital content that usually just lies around languishing in the dusty confines of electrons and bytes, so we thought why not recycle those old posts, and turn them in to new and better posts, so that is what we did with the repost plugin, it actually helps you recycle those old buried posts sitting on your websites, perhaps not even being seen by human eyes.

Reposting is just like it sounds, you re-purpose, older text and turn it into new material.

This will do two things for you instead of having old useless posts taking up space, and dirtying up the environment, you now have successfully recycled that old text sitting around collecting dust.

Watch for the release of our new repost plugin at the warrior forrum coming soon to a wordpress blog near you.

wordpress plugins how to

How do you get the most out of your time and effort?

How to take a min and do an hours work?

Do you often find that you have difficulty in following how to use tools like wordpress plugins?

Well I have three words for you and if your PC is right on you will love this, if not hey we tried.

Green Green Green.

What is it all about, is it really about saving the planet, or is it about feeling better about trying to save the planet.

All you hear about these days is how green everything is, well you know what there are very few green blogs out there, and that is something we can help you with.

Everyone is going green these days in fact Green is all the rage, did you know you can make your posts green using our plugin, yes that is right, we can help you recycle your old used electrons, on your wordpress website.

Did you know that installing just 7 plugins can help you get thousands of visitors every day.

You can make quick work of your daily blogging tasks,

The right tool for the right job, that is what Dad always said…

Think of plug-ins like you would a tool, you can use a regular tool, like a screw driver, or you can use an industrial drill, to do the same thing, but if you think about it, which one is the best to use, sure, it is nice to use a high power tool, but do you really need it?

In the coming weeks we will develop videos that will demonstrate how to use plugins to create great content that will help your website qualify for better SEO traffic.

Also check out our

Watch as we show you step by step how to post using our plugin…

The secret to staying ahead in the search engines is keeping your content fresh but not just fresh,

and up to date, we can show you how to keep your content fresh as in every day fresh.

Search engines love this and you will too…

In this video we show you how to use our plugin to update an existing post.

Recycle your used electrons.

Recycle Reuse Reduce.

Do you recycle your blog?

Do you recycle your content?

Do you recycle your website space?

Blogging is a full time thing, and millions of Americans are doing it every day, if you just added one new article every day that would be 365 post a year, and you really should be adding like 10 to 12 posts a day, so that can add up quickly.

How many posts do you have on your blog, 1000, 2000, 5000,

Are you polluting the internet?

If you are not recycling your used posts then you might well be contributing to the green house gas problem in the form of heat.

Not that you meant to do it, but you may be by accident.

The Three Rs

Recycle Reuse Reduce…

We have what you are looking for a great time saving word press plug in.

Did you know that thousands of blogger’s are polluting the internet?

Recycle your content, don’t let it sit there taking up space that other electrons could be creating.

In a world where every penny counts, an economy that is geared toward waste and excess, running a green website is really important, and we have the solution to your word press plug in needs, or at least one of them, recycle, reuse reduce.

Ok, now you know, if you are not operating a green website, then you are contributing to the electron pollution of the internet.

Lets, make sure that you are not wasting, space on your website, because every single electron that is taking up valuable space is not being green, so do the right thing, use only green plugins.

Have we got a deal for you, and your going to love it because it is the greenest plugin you have ever seen…

Hurry Hurry Hurry,  get your recycled, green plugins, right here, right now, no cap and trade tax yet, it is all good in fact, we can help you reclaim any lost electrons that might be floating around on your website.

Making the maximum use of all your electrons only makes sense.

Is your blog green, or is it using up tons, of energy?  Do you have lots of used electrons just collecting dust on your website then you should do something about it, you should take steps to go green.

We have one of the only green plug ins you can get that will actually save and recycle electrons, in to useful content.

We can help you recycle your old used up electrons that are taking up valuable space on your website.

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