Methods of True Success

 What is Success, if you really want it you will first need to understand what
that word means to you…

Being successful is not as simple as you might think, when in high school or even college, we tend to think that if we become wealthy or run a company or design a popular product, that is being successful but there are so many different ways to be successful and some of them do not even involve money at all.How to be successful in life.

Creative Success what is it and how can you develop it for your own reality?

Success is more about doing than talking about doing, anyone can talk about how successful they are but that does not mean that they are truly successful.

Developing the best method for your websites success is often about planning ahead and it is about considering the content and the value of that content to the reader.

When you consider the probability, that you can create success out of thin air, you have to seriously understand that this is not reality. What really happens, in most cases is that what you see presented in online advertising ads is not what you really get.

The definition of the word Method, a way of doing something, especially a systematic way; implies an orderly logical arrangement (usually in steps)

When you think of it, in every situation where a business has been successful, there is always one or more methods that a business employs in its daily operations.

Behind every success story you will find a method, from being on time every time to staying determined in every aspect of your daily regimen, it can really be just that easy, take for instance, in 1974 there were only 16 of the now famous, subway sandwiches, franchises.    They devised a method in order to achieve success, that method became the root growth factor of one of the most successful mid level profit centers in the last 20 years.

They made a decision, to pursue a method of business that proved successful.

Why our method works where others fail, it is always about the method.

It is always about what you know and how you are prepared to work to get what you want.

If you only knew what you could do to develop and gain traffic to your wordpress websites.

Every successful, business has a method even if it is just in how they make french fries, like Mcdonalds, tasty fries.

If you were going to find a better job and move to a larger city so you could provide for your family would you just up and move one day or would you plan on your move, put in applications for a job, sell your home and look for another to rent or buy, sure anyone would right?

The funny thing is that for the most part, people who are attempting to sell something online do not have experience running a business.

Learn about the method that even Successful Internet Marketers do not even know about.

Knowing this is a bold statement, it is not hard to back it up, with the facts.

So called Guru, Marketers are too selfish to learn this method because it requires human Passion and Compassion which sadly they do not possess.

We know this about the Gurus because all they want is to separate you from your money.

We know this about them because if they really wanted you to succeed, they would not try to sell you something that will not work in a millions years, they know it wont work but they still sell you the dream of making millions online.

They are the Dream Merchants.

They have no real life of their own, they have no real product besides the dream, the truth is that without work you will not succeed, sure you can sell your soul like the gurus and end up a miserable wretch, living in a foreign nation where you cannot be extradited.

This is the dream, now learn about the method that you can use to develop real success in your marketing.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to forget about the dream that you have been sold.

It does not exist, it is a lie, it is a myth, but that is not the end of the story, no it is merely the beginning.

Perhaps you remember the old paint by numbers drawings, where you followed the steps by the numbers and often you could produce a result that would look nice, perhaps not the best in the world but nice.

Everything thing in life revolves around a method, from the time we are old enough to walk we are learning methods, at first we started out slowly but as we grew up we started to learn how to do thins faster and better.

It is all about the Method…

Did you know that in every thing we do there is a pattern, some call it the study of life, others might call it a type of analytics, but all in all no matter what you do it produces a pattern.

Every pattern can be successful or it could be not so successful.

We have developed a successful method of blogging and SEO blogging, it took months to develop this and we wanted to test it out over and over again so we knew for sure that we could provide our clients with a successful experience in using our products.

In fact, if you follow the “method we provide you with” you will see success, how much success depends on how closely you follow the “method”

How you do what you do, it is a series of decisions that culminate into an event, these events can be predicted if you evaluate them over time.

Do you have a method and more importantly do you follow that method.

The number one mistake made by almost all new bloggers and some older ones too is they do not update their blogs.

This is a huge issue for the beginning blogger as well as just about all blogger’s they just either forget or do not take time to do it, even though it really only takes a little time to do it.

So what is the “Method”

Simply put it is a series of actions that result in a series of reactions.

Taken in its most simple form, Einstein was right every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

If you update your content then you have increased the quality of your website, the more you update and improve your website the more traffic and visitors you will receive.

Simple, yet so few actually follow this practice.

One of the reasons that people fail to spend enough time updating content is that it just takes a long time to do it, for example, when you first start blogging, you will notice that every time you update a post, you end up back at the original post, which means that you have to manually click on posts to get back to the main listing of all posts.

That takes up time, the system is good, but it is just not geared toward someone who wants to update and run.

Then when you want to update a post you have to manually set the date and time of that post.

manually setting the day and time of a post is work

Every time you update a post, you have to manually set the time and day and if your wrong on the time of day your post disappears.

Gone, it makes the spiders mad…

Updating the date is something you want to do because If you do not, then the search engines may not realize that you changed the post, because for the most part spiders, (search engine robots,) look first at the day and time of a post to determine if that post is new or old.

So if you look at it from a spiders point of view why bother with a post if its old.


Blog Marketing

Writing for the internet and beyond… 

How can you develop your writing skills…

Developing Blog content

Is it easy or hard?

Can you create content that people want to read?

Publishing online is one of the most popular and important methods of marketing today.

Blogs what makes them worth reading.

Marketing is a powerful mechanism for selling and developing content, however with the recent panic among some
alleged, effected blog farms, at least in googles eyes, the race to delete questionable content is on the way.

Can creating multiple blogs for marketing really make money?

Blog marketing, and bloggers are media. The whitehouse among other places now recognize bloggers as member of the media, hence blog marketing must be the media agent. No the question is how to capitalize on that point and to do it now before the competition discover this landmine.

On way to use Blog marketing is to build your email list through the blog, and also to have your blog become that email list. By encouraging your readers to subscriber either via RSS or email is one way to do that. But how to you grow the subscriber list?

Make subscribing easy-Attach a link to each of your posts with a subscription link.

Stay focused-Keep your postings limited to the subject of your blog. it is easy when using blog marketing to make one quick post about your souse, children or the weather and it changes the whole focus of the blog.

Offer a Bribe-It’s an ethical bribe, in the form of a free ebook, report, e-course or audio series. Typically this only works with email subscriptions tied to autoresponders, because you want to condition delivery of the bonus on subscription. If you have a WordPress blog, use the free Feedvertising plugin to link to the download page for your free gift. Since Feedvertising links only show up in the feed (and not in the post), only feed subscribers will see the link and have access to the bonus.

Use viral ebooks-This is a spin on the ethical bribe strategy, but instead you let other people give away your PDF ebook or even bundle it for sale with other products. The PDF in turn promotes your blog. Check out this post to see how I bundled my free Viral Copy report with a book that spent several days at the top of the Amazon bestseller list.

Dedicated subscription landing page-Create a page that is dedicated to nothing more than obtaining a subscription, and drive traffic to it from your blog, AdWords, or really any other source you want. You can even put it on a unique URL, and add in the ethical bribe strategy to increase signups. For more information on doing this with AdWords, read this article, and then this one.

Following these five steps will have your blog gaining subscribers quickly, provider you are using unique relevant content.

creating content with PLR

Blogging was and still is mostly intended for people who want to create a diary on the internet.

Without having to know any programming or HTML code you can simply log on, give your thoughts or opinions and publish your posts.

In the past few years blogging has changed and is now utilized in many different ways, from product review websites to promotional sites, even business websites are now blogging.

Many people have treated their blogs just like normal websites.

Adding extra pages, uploading photos, changing templates are just several things many people have done to their blogs. Marketers even utilize blogs to attract more customers.

There are many advantages of using blog program to build your website. You can deliver the contents to people who want to read it with RSS because everytime you add new content to your blog the RSS Feed gets updated automatically. In addition you can submit your blog to many blog directories and search engines.

In addition, if you use WordPress for blogging, you can take advantage of its “post by email” feature and an autoresponder to publish your contents automatically. It is very useful especially if you want to setup several posts in advance and publish them later. In case you have difficulties to do it you may consider to hire someone to set it up for you.

But not like a normal website, a blog should be updated regularly. If you have time restraints or often have difficulties in finding ideas what to write you could lose frequent visitors. The good news is you can use private label contents to overcome the problem. Just pick ones that fit your needs, make them unique by adding your own experience and publish them.

There is a marketer who created a private label product based on the contents of his own blog. He named the product “Matt’s Year of Content”. You can copy the way how he shares his experience and knowledge in doing business on the internet with blog. Combined with other private label contents, your writing task could become a lot easier.

The real contents on your blog is very important. Even if the purpose of your blog is only for promoting your business you should add real contents into it since most directories will not accept blogs that only contain advertisements. That means your posts should not only contain, for example, updated products from Amazon.

So, by using WordPress and contents with private label rights you could improve your web presence in easy way. Use them to build a content-rich site by giving away advice or news about your industry.

Blog Marketing

How do you write, do you use PLR content then adapt it to meet your needs?

Do you develop totally original content?

Do you research prevailing opinions and offer critiques?


Creating content that will keep your visitors coming back for more.

Developing a blog is like building a home, it is something that you have to do in steps and it is something that you cannot do overnight.

Creating content and how you can advertise successfully.

Marketing is really all about getting noticed, it is about selling what you have, be it knowledge or be it, information or a combination of the two.

You have a blog and want to market it and make it a successful blog.

How do you do this?

How do you go about getting your blog out there to be seen and known by others?

How do you draw readers and keep them coming back for more?

There are many ways to get your blog out there and known by others. This can be known as challenging for some and just quite easy for others. If you have ever had a successful blog before then you know what it takes. You are not going to get anywhere by just setting up a blog and hoping that people will find it and read it. You are not going to gain any links, nor a higher search engine ranking by just having a blog. This is all part of blog marketing. Anyone can do it, even you.

Successful blog marketing tip number one. When you first create a blog, of course it is unheard of. No one knows anything about the blog unless you give them the link and show it to them. However, for a new blog that has never been seen, there are many ways to get it out there and known. You just need to know how. The first thing that you can do is to allow RSS feeds be taken from your blog. Allow other websites and blogs to publish your same exact blog. When you do this, they are giving you a link back to your blog, and also telling their readers all about your blog. You will get more traffic than ever with this tool. RSS feeds are wonderful for promoting and getting your blog out there.

Blog marketing tip number two. Update your blog frequently. We can not put enough emphasis on this tip. If you tell your readers that you are going to update your blog daily, then do it. If you tell them that you will be writing in your blog weekly, don’t let them down. Your readers are what makes your blog successful. You may not realize this in the beginning, and you will have few readers in the beginning as well, but you will eventually build a readership base and have people checking out your blog regularly. Maybe you do not plan on telling your readers how often you will update your blog. That is ok too. However, think about this, if you were reading a blog on a weekly basis, and you expected to see the blog that you like to read updated at least once a week, you would be very disappointed to find out that it was not. Sure, things happen that might prevent you from updating, and that is expected, and excused, but week after week can hurt you and cause you to lose readers.

Tip number three. While you are working on your readership base, and trying to gain readers, you are going to find that commenting on blogs that are relevant to yours will surely help. Find a blog that is on the same topic to yours, or close to it and leave comments. You can also make a track back with your blog postings to comment on your own blog. Doing so will probably more than likely give someone else the urge to track back to your blog. Which will be good for it as well. Commenting on blogs that get many comments will make yours be seen by those interested in that market. You will gain traffic and readers that way, and it is easy as well as free.

The fourth blog marketing tip. Learn and apply SEO to your blogs. SEO is search engine optimization. You are going to find that if you want your blog to go anywhere, you need SEO, and you need to know how to use it to the advantage of your blog. Just like a website, a blog will be better off optimized.

Blog farming?

What is Blog farming and how can it effect your website popularity.

A Blog Farm, Why You Must Have One If You Want Huge Amounts Of Traffic, is this the type of headline.

Blogging, and writing.

We know that multiple websites can help your rankings however, can it also hurt you?

Someone wrote a comment on one of my articles at EzineArticles that I had written about the need to have a WordPress blog. The point made was that whether you have a WordPress blog or one of the other types of blogs, you still have to have people coming to your site.

Traffic is a part of the formula that you must have for the success of your Internet venture. Without people coming to your web site you will have no sales. Without sales, you have no Internet income.

In this article I will discuss how to get links to your WordPress blog. If you just bought a new domain and put a WordPress blog on that domain you will not get any traffic. That is, unless you have lots of links pointing to your blog. Remember, “no links equals no visitors”. Let me say it another way, you have got to get links pointing to your site or you will not succeed!

These links should be high in terms of quality. If you get twenty five links from sites that are not authority sites it will not do you much good. It would be much wiser to get five links from web sites that have good page rank and are closely matched to the overall theme of your blog.

There are basically two ways to get these types of links. First, you can research the web and find high quality web sites that are theme related to your’s and email them asking for links to your site. However, why would they want to link to your new page rank zero site?

You will get better results if you build a “Blog Farm”. A blog farm has one distinct advantage, it is under your complete control. Instead of having to go asking for links, you will have the ability to post a link from your blog farm to your new WordPress blog yourself. You will have the power to add a link to “any” new blog that you build in the future.

This is what happens, the link to your new WordPress blog draws the search engine spiders which is mandatory in order for your blog to be indexed in the major search engines, which are Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Improve your Alexa Ranking

Is it really as difficult to understand why you should want alexa and its server farm behind your website?

Not hard at all, but so few webmasters understand the importance of using the freely available tools at alexa.

We have been hinting around that we have a method, that can help you improve your rankings at alexa, and why that is important, one of the reasons that we don’t get in your face is that we want customers that are willing to work to get what they want, there are plenty of lazy people out there that just want to have it handed to them.

The truth is that no one will ever just hand you anything, you do have to work for what you get.

How Alexa can help your website, if you have not claimed your website at alexa then you are missing out on some great benefits.


If you dont you should…

Did you know that most web masters do not even know how to effectively use Alexa…

In fact 8 of 10 do not even know that you should be using the Alexa tool bar….

Alexa can help you in ways you never even realized, yet, so many do not even know or understand it.

Traffic is all about who visits your site and why they come.

It is amazing but most new wordpress users do not know much about alexa and why they should be using them.

How do you manage your traffic, and how do you identify what is good and what is bad traffic?

Who would not want to improve traffic because More traffic means more revenue now that is just a fact.

But what will you do with the all the traffic you do get?

If you knew how to get more traffic would you be willing to do that?

What if you were presented with a proven method would you do the work required for it to work?

What if I could show you a proven method of increasing your ranking at alexa

You are using Alexa right? I mean you have to know that Alexa is one of the best ways to add value to your website.

Have you claimed your website with Alexa?  if not then you are making a huge mistake.

If you want to get more traffic to your website, then Alexa is definitely one way to do it,

did you know that you can improve your ranking.

Yes, you can, just by using our word press plug in, we can show you proof positive that this works and will work for just about anyone, as long as you use the plugin, it is not for those that do not want to work at all, it will not make you rich, well it might, but we don’t guarantee that, we do promise that you will be able to update your blogs, faster, and in less time.

Watch this video for more information, you are going to love this.

Blogging Secrets how to Keep Them Wanting More

Keyword topics and keyword phrases, is the secret to keeping your website visitors coming back for more.

In demand topics how to find them and how to blog them right to your front door.

How do writers, keep up with the demand for fresh content, it is difficult, but not impossilbe.

Lets face it, blogging is more than just a past time, it is a way of life for many people and Blogging for money is not as simple as you might be thinking in fact, you could probably blog for money by blogging about rocket science.

However, that might not really attract the type of customer you really want…

for the most part it is a straightforward proposition.

You set up a blog about a topic in which you are interested and which you can make interesting for your readers; they read it; and you sell advertising or products based on information and reviews that your customers want to view.

here is one way that you can Get Started Blogging For Money

Even if you know everything about everything, including rocket science, pick one topic about which you can write most interestingly and informatively as the topic for your first blog and begin there.

You should also be aware of some of the things that you can do to enhance your ability to make money.

If you really want to make money blogging, you’ll eventually have to manage multiple blogs, but start with one until you are really comfortable with what you’re doing. The best way to get an audience who will remain loyal is to give them good material and keep it coming.

Attention here is the number one Secret, use WordPress to Set Up Your Blog

If you want to save yourself as much effort as possible in starting your blog, use WordPress and use it to the maximum. WordPress has an amazingly friendly interface and is loaded with themes and plugins which you can use for free to make your blog visually appealing.

You can even embed videos from You Tube and other online video sites onto a WordPress blog with almost no effort, and that’s a terrific way to keep your audience engaged and returning for more, because seeing is believing, and that is what this is all about.

Find More Ways to Keep Your Visitors Coming Back

Keep you blog’s content up to date. Post on a regular schedule but also provide a variety of content.

so that your audience will know when to drop in for the latest, but you should also provide additional content, some people work on very different hours, so providing a variety of updates, is one of the best things you can do.

And make sure your content offers something of value, because people love to get something they can use without having to pay for it. Share your expertise, or let your readers know what sources you find helpful.

WordPress will let you make your blog easy to navigate, so that any new visitors who like what they are reading can find your archives and get up to speed. And don’t be afraid to ask your readers to add your blog to their favorites list. Barring that, choose a name for your blog they will remember.

Post comments on blogs with topics related to yours, with a link to your blog to attract newcomers. With a large enough audience, you can attract advertisers who are willing to pay you to post their links or review their products on your blog.

Turning Readers Into Customers

If your intent when operating a wordpress website is blogging for money then one of the most important things is to generate customers that are interested in what you are offering them, it is not easy, however if you can provide value to your customers then they will come back for more and that is what ever great blogger wants.

Creating content that supports your blog in many different ways.

This is not as easy as it might sound at first, It will take time and you shouldn’t expect to start selling right after you start blogging. Invite your readers to comment on your posts or add their own suggestions as to what they’d like to see from a business like yours, and if their suggestions make sense and can be implemented easily, do so and let them know that you’ve made the change.

seo backlinks wordpress plugin

posting and bloging how to get it done faster

Do you find it hard to post and blog?

How do you keep up with the demand for content?

Why is it so important?

There are literally millions and millions of blogs out there, twenty or thirty for every person on the face of the planet.

One of the most asked questions we hear from people who want to break into blogging and overcome the learning curve is how do I get traffic to my blog?

The problem is that they do not realize that the question is the problem.

Now, how do you know when your asking the wrong questions?

When the answer is too complicated and too difficult to understand.

So often people fail to understand why they need to have more than a webpage on someone elses website.

If you are business oriented then you know a little about what this is all about.

If you were going to open a business and went to the bank to get a loan to get started, and you asked the loan officer how to run your business do you think they would give you a loan?

The answer to that question is no no no.

Talk about having a party of no, this is what happens every single time you go to a bank and ask for money.

So what do you want to do and how do you want to do it?

wordpress plugins how to

How do you get the most out of your time and effort?

How to take a min and do an hours work?

Do you often find that you have difficulty in following how to use tools like wordpress plugins?

Well I have three words for you and if your PC is right on you will love this, if not hey we tried.

Green Green Green.

What is it all about, is it really about saving the planet, or is it about feeling better about trying to save the planet.

All you hear about these days is how green everything is, well you know what there are very few green blogs out there, and that is something we can help you with.

Everyone is going green these days in fact Green is all the rage, did you know you can make your posts green using our plugin, yes that is right, we can help you recycle your old used electrons, on your wordpress website.

Did you know that installing just 7 plugins can help you get thousands of visitors every day.

You can make quick work of your daily blogging tasks,

The right tool for the right job, that is what Dad always said…

Think of plug-ins like you would a tool, you can use a regular tool, like a screw driver, or you can use an industrial drill, to do the same thing, but if you think about it, which one is the best to use, sure, it is nice to use a high power tool, but do you really need it?

In the coming weeks we will develop videos that will demonstrate how to use plugins to create great content that will help your website qualify for better SEO traffic.

Also check out our

Watch as we show you step by step how to post using our plugin…

The secret to staying ahead in the search engines is keeping your content fresh but not just fresh,

and up to date, we can show you how to keep your content fresh as in every day fresh.

Search engines love this and you will too…

In this video we show you how to use our plugin to update an existing post.

New plugin boosts AdSense income

Get this plugin while the price is low

because it will more than pay for

itself if you just follow the directions.

Should you use Adsense or is there a better method of monetizing

In some cases it might be better to not use adsense, however, in other cases it is fine.

finding that thin line and walking it is like a tightrope entertainer.

Here is a great way to quickly and easily boost your AdSense income,

It isn’t some fancy new system full of false promises…

It makes use of common sense and controlled situations to find out what works best on YOUR website for YOUR audience and not someone else’s.

Within minutes you can be up and running…

Find out how Troy from Plyplema Design doubled his AdSense income as easy as going from red to blue.

You have to judge for yourself, too much can be a bad thing.

Some have said that google may actually and allegedly, penalize you if you do…

Advertising, in a website, for the most part is viewed as a negative, by the public.

WordPress  is a great blogging system, it can maximize your efforts using plugins andsoftware and you can make money from Google Adsense

you’ll need to install and use a couple of Adsense “plugins”

But before you get too excited about earning money from Adsense, there are some considerations you may want to be aware of.

In some ways ad sense is very sensitive to new blogs, as well they want to get the most out of clicks for their customers, if you try to cut corners, or if you try to game them they will fix it for you and you will not like it, so stay away from the short cuts, like some of the Gurus talk about, and play by the rules, and you may find that your profits will add up in the long run.

Now back to your regularly scheduled, programming.

Some of the plugins can be found by doing a search on Google, and installation is simple and straightforward.

All you need to do is upload the plugin to your web host using an FTP, and activate the plugin inside your WordPress administration area.

1) Adsense Deluxe WordPress Plugin

I have tried this one out and it is one of the better ones, I have also tried out just about every other one out there, some are better than others, but so far I have not found any of them that are perfect.  So keep that in mind, when your working out which plugin is the best to get your blog working that Adsense magic.

There is a balance, that you need to maintain, too much and your blog will suffer, if a visitor comes to your website and all they see are advertisements, they will not want to return and you need repeat visitors in order to really make a difference.

In many ways, unless your website is over 60 days old it is not the best time to be using ad sense.

(see the bit earlier in this article)

You can do ok, with Adsense, but you really want a well aged, website, at least, 60 days.